Benavente Rodriguez, Isabel: Gesture Elicitation Study on How to Opt-in & Opt-out from Interactions with Large Public Displays benavente-rodriguez_i

Budiman, Joshua: Voyageur: Investigating Overviews in Collaborative Sensemaking budiman_joshua

Casanueva David, Jordi: Data Sculpture for the Quantified Self - A study into physical ambient data visualisation and time-based activity tracking casanueva-david_jordi

Chua, Wei Liang Kenny: The Effects of Time Delay on the Companion Screen Experience: The Impact on Immersion, Affect and Secondary Content Recall chua_kenny

Collery, Barbara: What do users want from an e-Referral system? A requirements gathering activity collery_barbara

Dharap, Akshay: Exploring Young People's Image Sharing and Retention Practices Within Instant messaging Platforms dharap_akshay

Fu, Yuanling: Effect of Random Item Dropping on Game Immersion fu_yuanling

Hargreaves, John: Control Centre Design: Taking DiCoT forward as tool for practitioners and implications for BS EN ISO 11064 hargreaves_john_web

Kastner, Oliver: Exploring technological support for an extremely low-income population: Envelope banks, food banks, time banks and piggybanks. kastner_oliver

Lai, Jessie: Do you see it yet?: Guilding Users to Augmented Projections via a Feedback System lai_jessie

Little, David: Supporting or inhibiting motivations to meditate? A semi-structured interview study of the user experience of mobile mindfulness apps little_david

Luton, Jacob: Natural soundscapes in apps and workplace design for the millennial generation: mood and arousal, stimulation, and distraction. luton_jacob

McMahon, Dominic: Making data real: Design of a dynamic physical data visualisation. mcmahon_dominic

Naylor, Samantha: Breadth and depth: A comparison of serach performance in hierarchical and mega menus naylor_samantha

Patle, Navneet: LinkingPark: Design of a physical interface to enhance public engagemetn in an emerging smart city patle_navneet

Rochette, Sophie: Opportunities for Technology to Support Healthy Sleep Behaviours in Children rochette_sophie

Sheahan, Jennifer: Won't somebody please think of the parents? Designing activities for engagemetn with STEM learning. sheahan_jennifer

Videnova, Lilyana: Understanding Personal Informatics Use in a Professional Footbal Club: A Rapid Ethnography videnova_lilyana

Wang, Junqing: Real-World Use of Baby Wearable Technology wang_junqing