Bouwman, Tassilo How to Arrange Icons on Smartwatches? Investigating the Effect of Hexagonal Layouts on Menu Search. bouwman_tassilo_2018

Cheah, Andrew Communicating Affect Through Product Movement: Towards the Communication of Emotions Through Tangible Autonomous Interfaces. cheah_andrew_2018

Craiu, Talia Designing a Postoperative Patient Reported Outcomes Platform in Sri-Lanka craiu_talia_2018

Harde, Anouk A Qualitative Study on How Refugees Use Technology after Arriving in Germany harde_anouk_2018

Jain, Ayush Court Vision: An application to measure the performance of Wheelchair Basketball players. jain_ayush_2018

Menhadji, Paymon Re-finding "Normal" Following a Life Transition: Long Term Cancer Survival menhadji_paymon_2018

Morrison, Gyles An Assessment of User Needs and Mobile Technology For The Assessment And Treatment Of Patients Presenting With Vaso-Occlusive Crisis morrison_gyles_2018

Stoica, Raluca-Alexandra "Keep Going!": Understanding the Implications of Coaching through Fitness Apps to Support Physical Training stoica_ralucaalexandra_2018

Current students please note - not all 2017/18 distinction projects have currently been submitted for publication online. If your supervisor would like you to read a particular project - please ask them to contact the Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator and request that it is sent to you.