Balogova, Karolina Looking At Yourself on Zoom balogova_karolina_2021 winner of the 2021 project prize

Ching, Jingxiu User-Centred Database Query Interfaces: A Case Study cheng_jingxiu_2021

Clifford, Ryan Exploring Real-Time Auditory, Visual and Haptic Notifications and Alarms for Diabetes Management during Sleeping and Exercising clifford_ryan_2021

Cook, Rudy Colours of the Music: Towards Dveeloping a Music-based Coloure Palette through Associative Pairings for Home Lighting Systems cook_rudy_2021

Darwesh, Sarah Understanding the Design Space of Digital Clothing darwesh_sarah_2021

Hedayati, Anahita Exploring the Design Space of Visualization Techniques for Cross-Device Interconnectivity hedayati_anahita_2021

Holliday, Emma Tree-based Multi-Scale Occlusion Heatmaps for Dynamic Granularity Feature Explanation in Image Clssification holliday_emma_2021

Janmohamed, Naveed "Do I Want to Keep Scrolling or Am I bBEing Made to Believe I Do?": Developing Reistance Against Dark Patterns janmohamed_naveed_2021

Lagowski, Aleksander Ideation and Sketching Toolkit for Cross-Device Experiences lagowski_aleksander_2021

Li, Yimin Music on Work: A Mixed-Methods Diary Study Investigating How the Presence of Music Relates to Focused State and Examining Media Multitasking li_yimin_2021

Lin, Lilli Inferring Fabric-Hand Perception from Wearable Sensors lin_lili_2021

Lin, Ziqi Improving Health Data Sharing in Menstrual Tracking Apps lin_ziqi_2021

Lindner, Anna The Use of Augmented Reality (AR) FAce Filters on Social Platforms lindner_anna_2021

Low, Han-loong Investigating Embodiment in Mobile Augmented Reality to Enhance User Engagement low_han-loong_2021

McCallum, Rebecca Sketch-based Visual Language to Mediate Conversations about AI Systems mccallum_rebecca_2021

Mercera, Evan Gamifying e-Quizzes: A Mixed-Methods Study on the Effects of Gamification in Online Learning Environments mercera_evan_2021

Moge, Clara Shared User Interfaces of Physiological Data: Exploring the Interaction Contexts of Social Biofeedback Systems in HCI. moge_clara_2021

Oshan, Adam Contextualizing Pronunciation: Evaluation of an AI-Powered Language Learning Application for Native Chinese Speakers oshan_adam_2021

Chamberlain, Sarah TikTok as an Informal Learning Environment in the Context of LGBTQ+ Topics sarah_chamberlain_2021

Someya, Julia Exploring Sensorial and Gestural Feedback in Digital Clothing to Facilitate Digital Identity Formation someya_julia_2021

Tran, Ann The Sketchnoting Process Using Analog Tools: Visual Notetaking Behaviors Before, During, and After a Presentation tran_ann_2021