UCLIC Alumni

UCLIC started in 2001 and today there are more than 250 UCLIC graduates.

Keeping In Touch
Join the UCL Alumni Web Community, so we can keep in touch with you. UCL Alumni offers many benefits such as professional development, networking and events. If you prefer to keep in touch only with UCLIC, e-mail your details to the UCLIC Centre Manager.

Graduate Destinations
Our graduates go on to work in leading companies - find out more on our graduate destinations page.

Collaborate With Us
There are lots of opportunities, such as giving a talk at the HCI Industry Speaker Series, offering job opportunities to the current and alumni students, collaborating with the diverse areas of research at UCLIC, including hosting MSc Projects, and attending UCLIC Research Seminars to keep you up to date with the most recent research discussions at UCLIC. Contact the Teaching & Learning Administrator to find out more.